FINVERS d.o.o. can offer its clients a wide range of business, accounting and financial advisory services in the following areas:


Preparation of periodic reports that allow management to review key financial indicators, such as cash balance, investments, accounts receivable ageing, debt ageing, sales analysis, etc.; preparation of customised reports and budgets; comparisons of the budget with the achieved results; comparisons by departments or locations; preparation of project monitoring reports; assistance in business processes improvement and optimisation.


Providing advice on accounting and legal application of IFRS/CFRS, preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS and CFRS, improving the system quality through designing, documenting and verifying the functioning of accounting controls, preparation of custom reports such as internal reports for foreign owners (Group reporting package). Supervision and advisory on management’s request of internal or external accounting, with a report of detailed findings (observations), observed tax and other risks to which the company is exposed, and recommendations for their elimination and improvement.


Financial due diligence – complete or limited due diligence services designed to detect critical elements of a potential transaction (e.g. buying/selling ownership shares in a company), identifying risks in business circumstances that affect the value of the transaction, quantifying the effects of those risks on valuation and negotiating position of our clients, proposing areas where contractual protection or specific activities are needed during the transaction.


Valuation of business entities – services of company valuation for the purposes of acquisition/sale and restructuring, valuation required for making decisions on financing or raising capital, valuation for financial reporting, valuation for tax and legal requirements, valuation for litigation purposes.


Monitoring of business processes, existing design of internal controls within the company (“manual controls” and controls integrated in the system, the so-called “automatic controls”), testing of controls and preparation of reports with graphical presentation of individual processes and subprocesses, identified controls and recommendations for introducing key controls in parts of business processes where possible weaknesses/shortcomings have been identified, with a description of the risks of not introducing them.


Development of business plans and investment studies in accordance with a predefined, standard methodology, taking into account the nature and essential characteristics of each individual entrepreneurial venture. The business plan contains elements that speak about the main characteristics of the investor’s business, technical and technological characteristics of the investment, analysis of the sales and procurement markets, location analysis, analysis of the legal and institutional environment, economic and financial analysis of the investment with sensitivity analysis.


Advisory assistance in the development and preparation of tax reports (legal reporting for Value Added Tax - VAT and Corporate Income Tax - CIT), assistance in communication with the tax authorities in order to protect the interests of the Company in case of tax supervision, and in cooperation with an authorised tax advisor we can provide on an annual basis (or more frequently according to your requirements) conducting a tax reviews in the form of interviews with responsible persons in the Company dealing with tax issues, with the aim of determining the tax position of the Company and determining possible tax risks to which the Company is exposed.


In accordance with the client’s needs, we prepare and conduct education for smaller groups in the field of finance and accounting, tax regulations of the Republic of Croatia, international aspects of taxation and transfer pricing, auditing, controlling and financial reporting.

Business, financial and accounting advisory